Feature request: apply IObox contents bottom up

if you connect an empty IObox to a node, that node will get get the contents of the IObox. would be nice to have the option to adopt values, strings and colors in the opposite direction.
i.e. connecting a newly created IObox while pressing ALT or whatever will take the node’s content and lift it up to the IObox.

ooooh yes,

i’d like that too.

YES… that would be really nice for “live patching” ;)

How about when you’ve started making a connection from a pin you press middle button (or some other mouse/key combo) you get depending on the pin either an appropriate IObox or a double right-click like menu with the most common nodes for the pin type.

edit: I guess the middle button might not be so good since it’s already used for scrolling… still it would be nice with a mouse only sollution.

+1… no text …


could be implemented by either the ALT-version or maybe just by clicking the bottom node’s pin first then the IO-box’s output pin, thus visually connecting the input of the node to the output of the IO.
and although i see how the latter could be potentially confusing for first time users it seems more intuitive.

wow the grandchild implementation idea would be very nice too

although the grandchild solution goes against some very basic vvvv principles it somehow sounds like a really convenient feature to me.

++… no text …

reminded me of another idea i was always to lazy to implement which makes connecting to IOBoxes kind of obsolete. start a connection and end it with a middleclick to create a suitable IOBox. in all betas>23 near you. soon.

What about auto node creation by speech recognition ?

now that sounds like a nice implementation :)

oh noo even more bloody mouse buttons.

l+r click would make you happy?