FBX4V not working even with VPM & latest alpha

hi !

i’m running vvvv_50alpha36.1_x64 / loading FBX4V with VPM but i’m still having red nodes like this (image) , where input path “\packs\FBX4V\nodes\modules\fxh” doesn’t exist as part of the pack , i was trying different paths from mp.fxh but still don’t get it !

sorry if i’m missing something very obvious @microdee :S


FBX4V is currently not in focus and I don’t know when I will have time to have it in focus, currently I have to rather deal with system problems now. FBX4V will be updated when I finally find time merging it into mp.dx and replace that module with a proper plugin. As far as I can see it will happen in 2019 maybe. Until that assimp can also load fbx files if you don’t need blendshapes, in mp.dx and mp.essentials there are nodes to handle multiple skeletal animations and skin them per-instance.

OK !! i was quite stuck playing with .fbx animation , because with FBX4V i can’t make it work, and with assimp in beta36 it’s just simply crashing v4 everytime , i will try with with those skeletal animations you said !

thanks @microdee !

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