Faster way to save textures

I’m trying to save the rgb video output from a Kinect 2 as an image sequence.

I’m able to get around 10 fps exporting as dds to a ramdisk using Writer(DX11.Texture2d)

I’m likely getting close to the disk write speed bottleneck here, but if I write to a different format with a smaller filesize (eg jpg or png) the framerate drops significantly, implying a bottleneck in compressing the images.

Can anyone think of a way I can save these images to disk faster?

Note: I’m actually playing back this data as recordings from Kinect Studio, but as far as I know, there is no way to either extract the image data from the xef file, or slow down / manually control the playback rate from Kinect Studio.

Maybe instead of saving realtime , you can use a queue node to store the frame and then save everything later , you might not be able to save long video , but at least you’ll have good framerate and original def.

afaik there is no texture queue in dx11

fraps will record uncompressed video. can’t you do this and convert to frames?

@xd I was hoping to record the RGB and depth streams simultaneously so they are syncronised, and I doubt Fraps will record a 32bit float texture.

Otherwise it shouldn’t be that hard to do a queue node…

my c sharp sux!

here is the dx11 queue: setslice-(dx11.texturearray)-(dx11)

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@mrboni: How do you playback the recordings from Kinect Studio? Couldn’t find a node for this.

@guest - You don’t need any different nodes for it. Kinect studio just hijacks the stream and pretends to v4 that it’s live data