Faster alternative to the pipet node

Hello. Is there any faster alternatives for pipet node? Maybe somehow via plugins?

if there was a faster alternative it would be built in the Pipet node already… so, it totally depends on the problem you like to solve, if there is a custom tool for you.

Summary, i’m want get color value in HSV of the texture pixel and make some logic with it, but can’t find any examples.

I’ve been told that ofx and max are faster for pixel lookups as they work with 8 bit values rather than floats, a piper that spat out 8 bit luminance would be useful too…
I’d love a faster pipet!

try to decrease the resolution of the texture you want to process (640x480 should be enough for the most “tracking” applications).
(and / or decrease the count of pipets - i guess that you dont need to process every single pixel)

another -much faster- way is to process the pixels of an image is via pixelshaders -

but it depends what you want to do

I’d love a faster pipet too.

texture input for plugins would solve a lot of such problems, as you could do the picture analysis in the plugin, which would avoid the high spread counts that appear often with pipet.

Hmm, i’m found texture input templates, but cant find any examples of using color analysis API. Can anyone help me with it?