Fast multi jpg rendering


noob question here. I want to load a dir of jpgs into memory for fast playback. i will eventually control the playback, but for now i just want to randomly switch between the files in a dir.

i found this in the faq.

"Use many still frames…
For short clips the playback works best with a spread of textures: "

this is the part i can’t figure out:

“For now, preloading can be done only with a small hack: create another quad, set the quad to an unused render pass (like 4444) and connect it directly to the output of the spread of all textures…”

anyone have a patch? can’t get it to work.


I made this patch a while ago, check it out:


i still am a noob so this will help me figure out ALOT of things!

thanks for getting back to me- and i am going to try to build a jpg player using this beginnings!