Fast and slow motion

I am working on a project that uses the color tracker. I am wondering if any one knows if there is a way for the tracker to detect fast motion from slower motion. What I am trying to accomplish is…the faster the color moves the smaller the “paint brush” the slower the motion the bigger the "paintbrush"This is what I have so far.

410Final.v4p (31.8 kB)

You can try to use a framedifference with a Sign node (to always get postive values) on the X and Y output, that will tell you something about the speed.

Look at the example for some ideas…

QuickSnap.v4p (13.8 kB)

played a little bit with the patch from west and didn’t find an end.
there are some tricks in there, which should be discussed in detail, but it didn’t fit into the patch.

i will try to explain it on a wiki page.

draw.v4p (24.7 kB)

that drawpatch is awesome !