Hi people, I can’t access to the chat: everytime I receive an error message telling me that my password is uncorrect and I have an unautorized connexion. What is the problem and what can I do?


for sure the better way is to go with a “real” IRCclient e.g.: mIRC, TinyIRC.
I also had problems to /join #vvvv with that built-in fanclub.
this patch IMHO only points out that in fact it is possible to connect to IRC.


There are known issues with certain providers, e.g. Deutsche Telekom. Some IRC programs (like the TinyIRC that kalle mentioned) have a built-in “ident demon” that circumvents the problem. To use the vvvv-irc node, you need to have a separate identD running on your LAN if you have one of these providers.
see howTo use IRC

as i understand it besides the ident problem there are only very few servers that would let you in without a valid username/password. in germany i know only two:

you may try one of those.