FallOff Force_effect With SDF

Hello guys, I’m still new to gamma, so still wondering about good practice, so here a little patch to have some feed back from the pro :)
I built this to be able to manipulate effect with some falloff in fuse with shape and geometry using sdf in a for eachloop (the final idea will be to plug the input of tracking data of the people in a immersive installation…)
Several question here, how does work the “for” in fuse, couldn’t make it work, is it better?
And why the raymarching doesn’t show up unless I erase the node position of the sdf? the region delegate is still obscure for me… is that related?

Thanks you very much
Ps: still new but I’m starting to have fun here :)


FALLOFF_SDF_effect.vl (82.9 KB)

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Found It
FALLOFF_SDF_effect_V2.vl (84.2 KB)