Fade-in/fade-out for video files?

Hi I have a bunch of video files that I am running through vvvv that I am texturising quads with. I want them to fade-in on command and then fade-out on command. What’s the best way to do that?

a good strong way is to use Kalles modules of transitions, thruth a fx

a more simpler way is to change with a HSV node the alpha value of the quad ( by default white), fading it from black to white with an IO slider

to interpret the ‘commands’ (i.e. bangs in this case) coming in. you could use a monoflop and decay arrangement like so:

That way you’d send a bang to either the ‘fade in’ or ‘fade out’ inputs to enact a fade in or fade out. Also remember to give “Length of fade” a value (of course!).

If the same incoming bang is used to enact a fade in and a fade out, then you can replace the MonoFlop with a Toggle.

don’t you mean FlipFlop instead of MonoFlop?

yehp. (wupps). didn’t test that one properly