Facebook nodes trouble

just tried to use the facebook nodes
all is working except the plugin is constantly pulling data from facebook and vvvv almost freezes to death. the myprofile node is red and tty tells something about an evaluate error - object reference not assigned to object

vux, any idea ?

and while you at it, any chance to get a facebook node to post text on the wall or even better, post pictures ?


maybe its trying to find facebook groups but i’m not a group member with my facebook account. i’m checking the code myself.

Hi, I upload to facebook pictures send an email to the email address they give you to upload things from mobile.
The trouble with this method is upload on a folder - mobile devices.

module using

Subject: published in the Wall (or title of the image)
attach: direccionde image you want to upload (. jpg)

if you find another way to report this!

oh …thank you for the info.


Facebook changed their api recently. Those nodes are 2-3 years old and being using the old API. From what i know it’s now deprecated and not accessible anymore.

So yeah need either to change them or to replace them.

Forgot to mention (just out of interest but useful info)

Most of the changes are fairly straightforward, only problem with facebook is you MUST (by their terms) use their own authentication webpage. Hence why the form appearing on the page on the previous plug (and which would on the new one too if i change)

So if you plan to have just some display it’s not much problem, but might be more if you plan to have custom user login.

thanks vux

just started to take a look at the stuff.