Face tracker and image position

Is there a way to precisely put image over facetracker dots ?

You will see what i mean when you open my patch.

I want to attach faces over mine :)

FaceTracker+image.v4p (62.0 kB)

the theorie:
consider the tracked points vertices of a mesh and uv-coordinates fitting the videotexture. so in this case the xyz-coordinates and the uv-coordinates happen to be the same. you can create a mesh of the xyz-coordinates put the uv-coordinates, apply the videotexture and it would seem as if nothing has changed. now you can replace the uv-coordinates by different ones, eg ones that you manually aligned on a photograph. so you will need a picture of another face also with uv-coordinates assigned. then take the tracked xyz-coordinates the static uv-coordinates and apply the picture of the face as a texture…voila.

after the release of beta32 i’ll upload a bunch of examples for manipulating faces including one that does exactly that.