Face recognition

Hello everyone!
Got a question about a project that I`d like to start and eventually sell.
Is there any way for face recognition in vvvv?
And I don’t mean just to recognize that there is a face in there but whom it belongs to.

Basic idea is like this:
The system is running and showing something, then a person comes over and if the system recognizes him it says “Hello George! Your active projects are this this and this and status is this this and this”

Is there a way to do something like this with vvvv or combo of software?
I know Windows does this may be the OS itself could be used to do the job?

Best regards!

hi, don’t think u have anything ready to go in vvvv…
You might look for something that is ready made, and route this software to output in to vvvv

maybe this is of interest for you:

this probably classifies as not really easy to do by yourself.

it seems to be possible with openCV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxXeOSFkKUs

you could check out intel’s real sense or if you are daring maybe you could even try contribution/vvvv.packs.machinelearning-%28alpha%29

Well this will be a commercial project so if anyone is interested I will be taking offers pretty soon.

I don’t mind what is doing the facial recognition as long as it does it and can send information to vvvv so it visualizes the data I want.