Facade Mapping Workflow

Hi community,

So I have been asked to do a facade mapping, of a house roughly 20x20 m with one beamer. I haven’t done that before, and I had a look at the various threads here about that topic.

What would be a recommended workflow? As far as I understand, you guys create a 3D model (let’s say manually, or by lidar-scanning, or photogrammetry), and then manipulate that 3d-model in your 3d-modeling software, render it out, and project that onto the facade. Boom. Done.

But what’s the tricky part about that? How do you get the projectors real positions matched with your 3d-modeling softwares camera? And then, du you simply use homography to adjust the rendered video to the facade?

And what would be the vvvv-oriented workflow? Given, I have the 3d model, I would need to get a dead acurate projection-view-matrix for my renderer. I’ve been using rulr lately together with kinect to calibrate my projector, and it worked like a charm, but that won’t work at such a large scale.

This somehow is a scary project ;-)

Is it flat building or a very 3d surface? The old school method is to take a photo from where your beamer will be and design your content onto that as a template then corner pin that to your building when re-projected (look at bad mapper) For 1 beamer this is probably fine, if its a very 3d building then you might want to have a model, and depending on how complex the shapes are, how complex the mesh should be. But in general, go for the simplest solution first, and get more complex if its needed!

@catweasel it is pretty much 2d. Thanks for the advice going the old-school-way. I’ll do that. Still I’m not sure if I get it right. So the vvvv-part actually will be a quad with homography, that I’m gonna drag so that the corners match up.
The content will most likely be created with cinema 4d. So there I have some kind of rough 3d-model of the building, and it’s getting augmented in the most flashy ways. How to I find the correct position for the Camera there?
Or could that be a rough approximation, using it to fit to the Foto taken?


while not exactly up to date, the overal ideas are still relevant from the projection mapping primer.

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