Eye Tracking

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there is a way to achieve eye tracking-gaze aware with various ways inside VVVV? ( It can be done with the use of webcam? or does it need more advance hardware?) I did a research on eye-tracking and I found a lot of commercial products which are expensive but I’ve also found and some opensource software’s that achieved eye-tracking with a webcam.(ex. http://www.gazegroup.org/) and (http://eyewriter.org/)

What do you think about intel`s perceptual computing camera? Is the facial detection good enough to track the eyes?

Basically I want to track where the user sees in the screen and if he is looking on a specific element it would trigger an action on the screen.


I think it would be quite difficult with a webcam, also with the intel one. You can have information of where the eyes are, but not where they are looking.

I read about the Eyetracker (Devices TobiiEyetracker) that works with Tobii hardware, but I never tested it.

EDIT: I remember faceshift (http://faceshift.com/) gave good informations of where you are looking. There’s a node faceshift , but i never used it.

Hi @sonostrano,

I’ve checked tobii products but they dont mention any prices which I assume that means they are expensive BUT most of the examples I saw and the best reviews for eye tracking examples are for tobii which means they are reliable.

As for faceshift on their website they mention gaze tracking but in the “about” section of faceshift node in VVVV it says is not for eyes. So if anyone has tried it it would be great if he can tell us his opinion on this.

From what I see their are free softwares that can give you a decent eye tracking or gaze detection with a camera with red infrared light but I don’t know how easy it’s to get the data into VVVV…Until now this one seems promising http://www.gazegroup.org/ and it can work immediately with just a camera…they also produced some applications which work with the software…

I’ve also found a thing called “eye charm” which is an extension of Kinect and it says that is capable to do eye tracking http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/4tiitoo/nuia-eyecharm-kinect-to-eye-tracking

Any thoughts?

Well i’m writing to report that I have had issues with the tobii nodes and a tobii device, I have followed all the instructions included inside the tobii nodes and believed to have connected all properly but when connected the tobii device didn’t answered, not even the browser node (that supposedly detects the device when connected and throws info) worked.also tried to install several software from tobii site (rex device installer, gaze sdk that had really nothing to install etc…)with no results at all, also tried to copy directly the sdk dll inside the tobii patch folder in a last resort try, but was useless.

If anyone someday is capable of getting a tobii device working with vvvv please explain how to install and or copy which SDK, please!

did someone achieve an eye tracking working with vvvv?

I saw that Eyetracker (Devices TobiiEyetracker) works only with Tobii research hardware that are incredible expensive tools.

Tobii has also consumer hardware that works with another SDK as written by @TobiiRobert)) in this post: ((forum:eye-tracker-and-tobii-rex

The new Tobii EyeX is in pre-order but Tobii Rex is on sale. Did anyone test it?


Another way: are there other eye tracking hardware/software that can communicate with vvvv?

Oh mate! What you need is this new thing that has JUST come out called EYE TRIBE. https://theeyetribe.com/

It is made ESPECIALLY for EYE TRACKING and tracking where you look! It looks fucking insane. Only problem is someone will have to write the vvvv node for it, but I would say that is DEFO the device you need to do what you want to do, and it is doable. Just someone needs to write the node… Anyone? I am not sure if it is in devvvv already or what but I actually found out about this EYE TRIBE tracker thing from this website’s shoutbox so I would say the big wigs are aware of its existence. If anyone has any knowledge of this and if the node is gonna come out , please SHOUT!

I’m waiting for my eyetribe
The shipment is spring 2014

@noir yeah bro, not sure if it’s out or not but it should be imminent… when I checked their website today it said “order” rather than “pre-order” and metrowave put a message on the shoutbox about it being shipped in february… anyways sounds fucking sick man. Do you know if anyone is planning on making the node?

@evvvvil I have pre-order the item in February…
Now I see that 'Next batch shipping Spring 2014
I’ll keep you updated

yes, the next batch is being sent now.
is there a programmer up for writing a funded (open) node ?

What GGML said, happy to chip in.

me too Gareth

i’d be in for the programmin part

well then e.g. https://www.bountysource.com/

if there are coders in berlin, we could provide the hardware.

bountysource project started, new https://discourse.vvvv.org/

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Take a look this cheap eye tracker made in Japan.
It is easy to use and only need a few minutes of calibration before measuring.


Hi all !
Is there any chance that eyetracker node works with the Tobii EyeX ? That would be awesome !