Eye Tracker and Tobii REX

Has anyone used the nodes designed for use with the Tobii eyetracking hardware? I believe I have it set up properly to utilize the incoming data, but can’t seem to get the hardware activated. Any ideas or suggestions would be immensely helpful!


Also…does anyone know which version of the SDK these nodes were designed to run on?


sorry for being quite late with the response:
the nodes have been tested with an X1-Eyetracker and an early X2-DevKit.
They are based on the SDK V2.X, which is declared as discontinued.

In theory it should also work with the 3.0 SDK, what Eyetracker model do you use?
What does the TTY Renderer say when trying to connect?

Hi, I work at Tobii, saw this discussion and felt that I wanted to help out. I know it can be confusing (even for us Tobiians) to know which SDKs are compatible with which hardware.

If you have a Tobii REX eye tracker, you can not use it with the Tobii SDK 2.X or 3.X. These SDKs are only compatible with the eye trackers for analytics/research use, such as the X1 Light Eye tracker, X2-30 or X2-60.

The Tobii REX or Tobii EyeX Controller are our eye trackers for consumer/gaming use. They are only compatible with the Gaze SDK or EyeX SDK (you can read more about the differences here: http://developer.tobii.com/rex-setup/)

So, to make it work with VVVV, you need to create new nodes or modify one of the existing nodes to also be compatible with the Gaze SDK or EyeX SDK.