is there a way to ¨solidify¨ (as in blender) a flat 3D primitive?
I am talking for example about a segment, is it possible to give it a ¨thickness¨ along th ez axis ?
I know I can model it in Blender but I d like to retain the resolution pin avaialable.

still only concepts on that…
best way is dynamic plug
but it also possible on shader (i guess)
and if you are looking for exturded segment i’d use Cylinder (EX9.Geometry)
indices quite hard to deal
last time i’m stuck with circular spread in dynamic plug ;( rest is matter of time…

it is not really that hard if you have a closed polygonal line that is your shape, like whats coming out of a typospread or a circularspread.

a segment is a little more complicated, because the vertex order is not tidy enough for a straight forward approach. see attached patch for what i mean, once you play with the segments cycle pin, you get glitches.

so i recommend you have a close look on what shapes you want to extrude and add additional reorderings in place to ensure one singular closed polygonal outline. in the case of the segment, you’d probably have to reverse the order of the inner vertices.

extrude.v4p (16.9 kB)

yea! nice way to deal with it ;]]

In the same vein, can anyone suggest a way to make a ‘solid wireframe’ - ie draw a tube or cylinder down the length of each edge of a polygon in a mesh?

there you go

EDIT: well almost… missing is the interpolation among vertices of the polygon

EDIT2: i don t understand why if you set the degree to 1 it doesn t work anymore… maybe the queue way is another option…

Cylinder along curve.v4p (16.2 kB)

Much better but still I don t understand that spline degree thing…

Cylinder along edges.v4p (22.1 kB)

Thanks io. Interesting, but not quite what I’m after.

I think I know how to do it. Will post a patch soon…