Extreme CPU Usage after very basic IO nesting


while working on a wireframe for a rather complex software, I stumbled across High CPU Usage Peaks that freezed VVVV for a moment that happened while linking basic io values through subpatches. It occurs everytime i try to link it even further.

But look for yourself in the patch i made to reconstruct that problem. I know its a rather unusual usecase but i would like to know what happened.

Simply connect the “Box”-subpatch with the “xTrutle” and see what happens.
I ran the patch on 2 Machines with both x64 and x86 versions on v32 and 31.
Machines are fast enough.


The files - Start with .v4p (6.3 kB)

In my system:

  • launch vvvv.exe
  • open iixd’s root.v4p
  • another vvvv instance is opened
    ** any operation requires a lot of memory

this was related to our subtype inference system (that manages to merge different downstream subtypes to help you upstream with entering values that downstream can be worked with… in case of value subtype this is (min, max, units, precision…)) if you happen to work with the alpha please report any findings regarding enum, value and string subtype inference here.