Extrange behavior with VideoIn and CopyTexture

i’m trying to feed an Optical Flow shader with a live camera texture, and i’m experiencing some weird behaviors.

1- CopyTexture now needs an extra pass in order to work (last time i was in the same situation it wasn’t needed), so i decided to use a ChangeFormat node and…
2- ChangeFormat changes the color Depth of the VideoIn texture even if i use the same format than the source texture.
3- “If Use Direct Copy If Possible” in the ChangeFormat node, CopyTexture doesn’t work.
4- Finally i use a simple “SetAlpha” just to force an extra pass, CopyTexture doesn’t complain and the colors look right.

Why does ChangeFormat node behaves like that?
Why does the VideoIn need an extra pass?
Why do i make a fool of myself?

Feel free to reproduce it by yourself, no patch available.

Gamma preview 5.0-0765

Here some pictures illustrating the issues, and me posing accordantly.

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please share a patch that demonstrates just the initial problem you seem to have. VideoIn + CopyTexture. you say you had this working previously and only now it fails? please mention a version this patch works with, and then one that it doesn’t work with.

the issue with ChangeFormat seems to be entirely unrelated, right? you only found it when you were going for a workaround for the initial problem. if this is so, then please put this issue in a separate topic for clarification and so we can track them individually.

The last time i used a VideoIn + CopyTexture without issues was using “vvvv_gamma_2021.4.0-0388-ge2a327dce8”
I wasn’t in this scenario since then, so i can not say since when it’s being happening.

And yes the problem with ChangeFormat is unrelated but i wanted to report my experience in one single post.

And sorry, no much time to patch the issue, dealing with other stuff now.

The ChangeFormat issue is probably because the format is not the same than the source texture (BGRA).
Sorry, i was pretty sure that this camera format was RGBA, and too tired to see the difference.
Now it makes sense that the colors are different.

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