"Extradimensional" Video

Here’s my idea:

Make some short video loops, like 100 frames, 4 secs.
For each frame in those, make another 25 with alternative animation.
Save these as stills.

Loop the 100 frames in the first dimension, preferable timed to the beat, and make variations with the frames in the second dimension (controlled by sound for example.)

Maybe create a 3dsmax script to animate the parameters for the second dimension and render all of it.

So I’m wondering how feasible random access to 2500 video stills is…

What do you think?

You could do it with random access in a single avi file, you should easy get 25fps with doseek and mjpeg, different files would mean a pause while loading but one should work?

Well, I don’t mean to be boastful, but we did a similar thing in Director ca. 1994. Just clip your sequences into the same movie file, then skip a few frames, done.

It might be interesting to do this with panoramic video in HD resolution, then map onto a sphere.

it is interesting :)

we play and skip video in a dome (shame its not a sphere) …total video resolution is 6000x4800 which is well above HD :]

writing this, i remember i should update my userpage regarding the dome project/show. so for all dome enthusiasts…check www.ich-quadrat.de for dates and tickets.

Hm, yeah a single avi should have less overhead, I’ll try it out once I get some time on my hands again.

Max: Way to ruin my day :)

u7angel: I can only dream of such wonderful toys… :) What kind of system is driving this?

6 old pc’s are feeding 6 projectors. the pc’s only have a single 2 Ghz CPU which is very little power but we managed to get our patches and videos optimized to run on these machines.

so saying we have a resolution of 6000x4800 is just half the truth. a single machine only plays 1000x800 ;)

Well I don’t mean to be a Korinthenkacker, but in which dimension would 6x1000x800 equal 6000x4800?

another idea for the author of this topic: why you dont create an animation with vvvv, loop it and control one or more parameters by sound? should be the same effect, you dont need any video, its fast and flexible…

korinthenkacker…haven’t heard that word for a while
you are right, i wasn’t thinking…

Fon non-germans, Howie Rheingold featured the “Korinthenkacker” in They Have a Word for It - recommended read.

tonfilm, I’ll do that as well… Perhaps one could create some animatable vvvv overlays for existing video too, and somehow mask out the parts where the video has geometry.