Extracting line from image

Hey guys! do you think its possible to isolate vertical line from an image?

this is what I mean: say, I have this image:

there is a way to process it in order to get this:


Edge detect with a horizontal kernel?

Hey @sunep I’d like to try but don’t know how to use Edge with a kernel! Do you have any hint?

in the meanwhile, I found http://www.imagemagick.org/, and using a morphology this is the best I can do :

I’ll try to start from this contibution, even if is only EX9: morphology

ps this is the script: “magick convert BA.png -morphology open:4 “1x6: 0,1,1,1,1,0” BAclose.png”, looks it use 4 times a vertical kernel but I’m still studying it
–> http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/morphology/#basic

sunep is right, you need some edge-detection. here is an introduction to pixelshader edge-detection:
tutorial effects neighbouring pixels

and also you may try the Sobel (CV.Image) edge-detection node that comes with the vvvv.packs.image