Extracting identical strings from spread

I have a string list which i am checking for identical entries.

Via sift and getslice i was able to put those entries in a separate list.
But here i’m stuck cause I want each multiple entry to appear just once in the new spread plus a corresponding value spread which tells how often each string exists in the original list.

Any ideas?

You can use Sift (String) with the MatchesAny option, to determine how often a string exists.

The Sort (String) node with the ‘allow duplicates’ option set to 0 removes duplicate entries from the spread.

compress.v4p (5.2 kB)

thanks sagishi

hi rosenfranz , have a look also at http://vvvv.org/documentation/woei.modules for string occurences i think there was a plug also . cu

and here is a c# solution (if you want to do more than just deleting double entrys this could be part of your code)

string[]() UniqueValues(string[]() list) 
	List<string> uList = new List<string>();
	foreach (string s in list) {
		if (!uList.Contains(s)) { uList.Add(s); }
	return uList.ToArray();

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