External graphics

I’ve got an Intel 950GM in my dual core laptop.
It has a Mini PCI express slot inside it (which the wifi card is currently sitting in)

From what I can tell, with from the parts available on this site, I should be able to convert my 1x Mini PCI-X slot into a 16x slot and put a decent graphics card in it!

Also I read on a forum a while back that it’s possible to split a 16x slot into 16 individual 1x slots, each of which can run a graphics card, and this has been succesfully tested. I doubt I’d be able to split the 1xMini PCI-X slot so that I had 2 or more graphics cards running, but the fact that you can get one card running on 1xPCI-X should mean that this experiment would be possible.

Obviously the problem here is that there’s limited bandwidth between the graphics card and the laptop, but I should still be able to get a significant performance boost once everything’s in video ram for an affordable price (if i can get the adapters cheap).

So the plan would be to:

  1. Modify the cover of the PCI-X slot on my laptop so it had a ribbon cable going through it to an external box.
  2. the external box would have a PSU and house a graphics card

If there’s enough interest in this project, we might be able to convince the company to produce a custom part which goes straight from mini pci-x (or expresscard) to an external box with a psu and 16x slot.

Any ideas/experiences/interest?

(p.s. this has mostly come about because asus still haven’t got round to releasing their asus rog xg external graphics solution which goes from expresscard->pci16x)

pretty interesting link!

these guys have what i’m looking for
and they aren’t afraid to charge me for it!

remember some bandwith issue
but with the old pcmcia to pci xtrenal box
it was with a pci dsp soundcard
and when using big plugins like reverbs/delays there
was some pci overflow errors…
but with the express card bandwith it should be ok