External Editor Mode

Harsh and simple question which might stab right into inner workings of vvvv but: For shaders and dynamic plugins can we have an external editor mode, where instead of using the built in editor of vvvv, right-clicking rather opens the file in question in my favorite text editor %khmatomiokhm%?
Possible implementation might be a command line switch with a parameter pointing to my editor executable (possibly sitting in my args.txt). So something like this:

/customeditor "C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local\atom\bin\atom.cmd"

(opening by default should work with only the filename as first and only command line argument. if a text editor doesn’t support that that’s pretty lame)
And vvvv would watch editable files and recompile them when changed. (exact same behavior as in editor, save = recompile too). This is not important at all though because Alt+Right-click on node might be more controllable.

One difficulty here is the warnings / errors display. My only idea here is TTY or windows notification bubble:
that thing:

or that thing: