Expr (Value) forgets Term in beta13

an Expr (Value) with the term {CODE(ln=>3)}(min( A, B )) / ( max( A, B))^
works fine in beta12 and not at all in beta13. Upon loading the patch in beta13, the node has forgotten the term (is reset to 0+0), and won’t accept it as an input (keeps jumping back to 0+0 after entering the term).

exprtest.v4p (2.3 kB)

yes, min and max are not parsed right… but you can patch this with 3 nodes.

sure, but workaround != bugfix, right? ;)

ic, that is not soo ql. i just peaked into it but the errormessage i get is very strange…will report as i find more…

gotscha. when i did an update on the exprparser-source i didn’t notice that they changed the default argument separator from , to ;.

i fixed that to our default: ,

meanwhile max(a;b) should work.

thanks for pointing that one out.