Expr Heav Syntax

I want use an Expr (Value) node with some kind off if/then option, the syntax HEAV(X) looked perfect for it, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

While I type this, I am reading on the Wiki 2 interesting topics, HEAV is not on THIS list, and I read something about BUGS in Beta13. I hope it is just me, because than I patch the great Tweener Modeules in 1 clean module. (the < switch for the tweenInOut one’s is killing me).

Heav Exprr.v4p (11.4 kB)

Wow, I did it without the Heav expression :)

The Quad is ready… now the rest, but should work simulair, proberbly used too many brackets, but we can’t be bothered with those little details ;)

TweenerQuad.zip (5.9 kB)

I just notice that Boolean Logic (< > not and = etc…) works in the Expr Node. But this is not mentioned in the helpfile.

If my math wasn’t that bad, I would start and redo that helpfile, using only supported commands. (but what is INTPOWER, INT, CEIL, FLOOR etc…) Just hope some off you can use this new discovery.

BooleanExpr.v4p (2.9 kB)