hi, im a newbie with vvvv. just wonder how to export your created music from vvvv into a .wav or .mp3 thanks so much!

i made some noises with a vst instruments an i want to record it … thanx to everyone who makes vvvv possible …
Greetings from México …

i’m not the expert on that, but i’m pretty certain you’d have to record it with another application (for example audacity). it might also be possible by using a .wav-writer implemented as a vst effect.

i recommend this.
there are no modules that can record audio as wav, mp3… in vvvv in the current.
i wished a module like “writer (DShow9.Audio)” but no need since VSTs are available on it.
and i need to say i love you vvvv devs.

Many many thanks , i appreciate for stoping by and for the advice … Great !!!