Exporting XFile from blender loses materials info and subsets

Hello, the question is very simple, i want to create a box (cube) in blender with each face with a different material, export it as XFile so that when i import it in vvvv i can use those material infos as subsets and project a different video to each of the sides of the box…

I manage to do the whole process in blender but when i export the XFile and import it in vvvv i can see that there are more than one subset (depending on how many different materials i have specified in blender) but i cannot use them (if i apply a spread of textures only one will be applied). By editing the XFile produced with notepad i have notices that the MeshTextureCoords part is missing and i can’t understand why, i think i’m doing something wrong when applying the different materials to the box sides in blender.

By the way here i’ve uploaded a video where you can see the process i do to define all the materials in blender and then when i re import the XFile produced in blender all the infos about the materials are gone…
VIDEO: http://www.vimeo.com/15924198

While searching on the forum i’ve found a XFile of a box with all the sides with a different material (the same thing i want to do) but this is working while mine isn’t… i’ve attached both the working (not mine) XFile and the non working one (mine) + the blender file for the non working one…

I hope you guys can help me out again…thank you

cubes.zip (38.0 kB)

try using the collada-plugin, in my experience it is more stable and has good support for uv-maps (and animations).
also make sure you’re using an up-to-date version, that is at least a 2.5 alpha.

btw - i just tried your examples, both worked with a texture-spread.

man you’re right…i dunno what the hell happened this time but in fact the MeshTextureCoords is in the XFile…
But houston we have another problem…i edited in blender a XFile that was previously deformed in vvvv with pointEditor (to make it match perfectly with the geometry of the real world) so that i could redefine the materials and so the subsets that were lost during the deformation process of pointEditor…
i do this in blender and then when i re export the XFile the MeshTextureCoords is there but it won’t work in vvvv if i give him a spread of textures (this time i’ve just tried it!!)

if you manage to try it too and confirm (and maybe have a solution :) ) let me know, thanks

deformed_box_blender.zip (1.2 kB)

confirmed, from a spread texture no. 5 is selected and visible all around.

i don’t get the .x imported into blender, crazy situation having an export-only filter. sorry, i have no solution at the moment, but i’m far from being an exper on .x’s.
maybe you can get more info from the blender-people:

btw wouldn’t the homography-node be suited fine for your purposes? it’s superb for mapping different videotextures on variable quads.

thanks very much anyway
it’s strange you can’t import .x file into blender…i can and i downloaded blender today (maybe u have older version?), have a look at file - import - direct x(x.) without any additional plugin…
also “io” suggested me to use homography by the way i have never tried that before because in a previous thread i was suggested to build the 3d model as close as i can to the real world and then do the final tweaks with pointEditor (that for me is great in this situation).
I think that now i will go towards homography…i’ll update you as soon as i have done something to let you know how is my experience with this last method!!
thank you all!

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using the blender 2.54-beta.
homography is definitely the easier way to go - but for spectacular results there’s no way around re-building a 3d-version and projecting onto that. for the latter you might need a uv-map, but i don’t see the need for different subsets and the usage of more than one texture per object.

crash to use pointeditor you have to use UV map for your box, or you will need to use pointeditor for each subset and then load x-ses as spread.

check your previous topic Saving pointEditor mesh looses subsets for multi-texture…why

you don’t have to much choices

yes you’re right i need to use uv map…i’m getting into it but i’m having some problems because the 3d object texture in vvvv does not behave as in blender with its uv map (by viewing the textured object in blender it seems fine but when i import the .x file in vvvv and apply the same texture for example its not behaving like in blender)… by the way i’m still doing some testing so i’ll post some news as soon as i get something done ( or not done :) )