Exporting vvvv to video file

hi, im an ultra newbie with vvvv. just curous how to export your created videos from vvvv into a mpeg or avi file. thanks so much!

check out writerNRT or a screenshot version, which I cant take credit for but is on my user page as it was at the end of a long thread in the forums! The first you connect to your renderer, set the back buffer to the resolution you want, the second you give the renderer a name, copy that to the screenshotter, and size the window to the res you want.
They both have their advantages, screenshotter is faster though, they make a folder full of still that you then have to stitch together.

You can also buy realtime video capture software like Fraps. Wich is made to capture games, works in real time and even saves sound!! Havent seen a freeware solution, but the Demo lets you save short movies.

here is a collection of thoughts on Capturing the output of a Renderer

awesome! thank you guys so much. Fraps seems to be a great solution…