Exporting a console application prevents from using command line options

Hey there,

Tried building a little console app that uses a custom option -p.

It looks like this is interfering with vvvv.exe's built-in options given that when I run the app, I’m greeted with this error :

Could not parse commandline arguments, use the following options:

  o, open                       File to open on startup


  p, port                       Sets the port in which the HDE communicates
                                with the clients, default is 3344

Console command line has syntax error(s):

Then, the app runs fine anyway, but this message is a bit annoying.

Tried re-exporting the application with an option that’s not already taken by vvvv (-d), got the same behavior.

Is there something that could be done in that regard?

Gracias in advance.

This is fixed in latest 2022.5 preview builds.