Exporting 3d model from Rhino issue

Hello, i’m trying to export .obj file from Rhino to use it in vvvv, but it’s not displayed on the vvvv’s render (i use dx11.GeometryAssimp nodes). I’m not sure if export settings are correct so i attach the screenshot.
Also when I export a simple box from Rhino with the same settings and put it in the same vvvv patch it is displayed. Why can it be so?



Hard to tell given so little info.
Do the assimp nodes not output any geometry at all? Then you’d have to investigate further what could be done about export settings and different file formats.

Second wild guess: dx11 forces valid input layouts, so the shader you use probably needs texture coordinates, which a regular rhino box does have, but not your procedural grasshopper model (?).

If it’s phong or constant, check the shader’s technique pin for the notexturecoordinate layouts.
If it’s any custom shader that needs even more channels like binormals/tangents, you’d have to fix yourself or generate those in your modeling software or generate them in some geometry shader.

If that doesn’t help please post the file so I can check.


Hi, readme! Thank you for the reply.
Yes, this model is from grasshopper and the trouble was really with texture coordinates. So i added it and now i can see my model in vvvv, but it looks not very good, especially when changing the distance (the verges are cut off), although i use GouraudDirectional shader and set render Depth Buffer Mode to standart. Do you have any ideas how to make it being displayed properly?
I attach my files below.

3d-scene.zip (956.0 KB)

looks like either the normals of the mesh are not correct or the shader has an error. have you tried with PhongDirectional? does it look similar?

Hm, when i dislplay normals in Rhino they seem to be okay…
In vvvv Phong looks similar, yes.

this is inverted normals, you can fix it with rasterizer cull set to no cull, i suggest you try the basic rasterizer first
to fix it properly you have to invert normals on your mesh in rhino

you can post your mesh so we can avoid guessing, there is also one more case possible

antokhio, thank you! I already have advanced rasterizer set on No Cull. There is no picture at all without it. And i’ve attached my file, it’s under the second screenshot.

Anto is right
Rasterizer to NoCullSimple

Also in you case you need the camera FarPlane to something bigger because of the scale of your model. See file attached.

3d-scene.zip (1.8 MB)

Normals are fine … on the contrary even, when not backfaceculling some ugly artifacts are visible on some junctions:

But as lecloneur explained the scale of your model is pretty big.
But as depthbuffer is limited to a certain resolution and also because of its logarithmic nature, I’d advise to just scale your model down in vvvv or prior to export in Rhino even. You probably just got the file units wrong and export at millimeters or something …

Check file, I also fixed the pivot of your model since it was still relative to your world origin in Rhino:
3d-scene-readme.zip (855.3 KB)

lecloneur, readme, here’s the thing! will take it into account exporting smth from Rhino the next time.
very very thank you, now it looks the way i want it!

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