Export .x from Rhino

hello vvvv’s. new user here, actually i registered once before in the blanked period back in april.

i have a problem with exporting .x from rhino, my model gains some strange artifacts.

dc_rhino.x (687.1 kB)

doesn’t look bad at all at the first glance?

it even has subsets.

with GetSlice (Node) you can (dis)select one or more subsets.

yeap well between “o” and “y” theres this stretch … its from the last letter and it seems to go back somehow to 0,0,0

i tried different combinations of export settings but it stays there. well it seems to stay there even if i redraw the letter

oh and the “channel” bar has the same problem but from the left side going to (0,0,0)

problem solved by scaling down a bit,
perhaps the model was 2 units wide wich made it boardercase, as i remember models must be scaled in -1…1

btw: i added some things related here:
XFile (EX9.Geometry) Load
is worth a look.

very strange. even the directx-sdk-mesh viewer has troubles displaying your mesh. i have no idea what’s wrong with it. other viewers show it correctly.

the size of the model should really not matter…but well, if this solves your problem…