Export x files

hi, is it possible to export mesh/render data as a x file without much hacking (like oschatz did for importing vectors)?!


have a look at Writer (EX9.Geometry) XFile. simply put your mesh there…

thanks kalle,

next time before asking a little bit more research would be desirably ;)

sometimes you don’t find things even if they are in front of you. also happens to me!
so don’t worry at all!


I have some troubles reading .x files exported from vvvv (with the writer(geometryXfile)) to XSI : nothing appears…I tried with .x files exported from c4D and xsi is able to read them…so, what can be the issue there? Or tell me everything’s fine under 3Ds (or any other softs) and i’ll switch then…

Works like a charm with Rhino3D :)