Export issues with VL.MediaFoundation

I am having issues exporting a patch that includes the video player from the VL.MediaFoundation nuget with gamma 4.12. When I disable that particular dependency, everything exports fine.
Indeed, when I attempt to export the Help patch for playing a video with Skia, I get similar errors.

I’ve tried deleting the .nuget folder to let it re-populate manually, re-installing visual studio 2019 tools, downgrading to Media Foundation versions 1.0.8 through 1.0.10, as well as upgrading to the preview version 13, all attempts throw similar errors when they try to create an executable.

I’ve attached the log from the help browser patch I’ve tried to export. Best I can discern is that it is having issues with referencing outdated Stride versions (though I’m not using stride in any of my patches), which I think was mentioned in a similar error that was marked as fixed from a year or so ago. Thanks!

videoplayer help patch.log (97.8 KB)

Nevermind, in the end it must have been some conflict with Visual Studios. Uninstalled all versions of Visual Studios, did a clean install of gamma 4.12 and let it handle installing build tools and the error cleared right up!

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