Export error

Trying to export a project, but getting an error doing so. Does anybody know what is going on here… the file in question is using the VL.Devices.ZED nuget, maybe it is related to it?

Generating project files (this may take up to a few minutes)

Building projects
dotnet publish -c Release --self-contained false /clp:ErrorsOnly /nologo "C:\Projects\src\Sonnenwelt\Sonnenwelt.csproj"
Unable to build C:\Projects\src\Sonnenwelt\Sonnenwelt.csproj. Reason:
C:\Projects\src\Sonnenwelt.Settings.vl\Sonnenwelt.Settings.vl.1.cs(19,19): error CS0234: Der Typ- oder Namespacename "sl" ist im Namespace "e224" nicht vorhanden. (Möglicherweise fehlt ein Assemblyverweis.) [C:\Projects\src\Sonnenwelt.Settings.vl\Sonnenwelt.Settings.vl.csproj]
C:\Projects\src\Sonnenwelt.Settings.vl\Sonnenwelt.Settings.vl.1.cs(6,14): error CS0430: Der externe Alias "e224" wurde nicht in einer /reference-Option angegeben. [C:\Projects\src\Sonnenwelt.Settings.vl\Sonnenwelt.Settings.vl.csproj]

That particular namespace it’s complaining about “sl” does not ring a bell - does it for you?
But it’s like the error message says, it’s some sort of reference issue. Best you send us a zip file…

I realised that the project can be easily exported when there is no process involved that has the ZED cam inside. But as soon as I set a reference to it and call it in the project, I get the error with the name space.

Here is a stripped down version of the project (TestProject) with a reference to a file with a process (TestProject.Settings), that uses the ZED cam.

TestProject.Settings.vl (12.0 KB)
TestProject.vl (2.0 KB)

Any idea what this could be? Is there anybody else who has a ZED cam available and could quickly test if the patch above is exportable?

looking at your .vl file i see it references a rather old version of the zed nuget. can you try with the latest? i just tested an export with vvvv 6.0 and vl.devices.zed 0.5.13-alpha and it worked.