Experienced VVVV programmer needed!

We are looking for a VVVV experienced person to join our studio to work on a couple of projects. We are based in London (trendy Shoreditch!) and have a studio of 12 people. Our projects are varied in scale, and all embody various degrees of interactive design. Current technologies that we regularly use include: DMX, RFID, Bluetooth, audio (2d & 3d). We have used VVVV successfully on several projects, including the recent “Photo Field project

An ideal candidate would be someone interested in interactive design and who has a skill base that reflects this. VVVV experience is a must, and any complimentary related skills (eg. Max/Msp, Isadora, PD, C+, etc…) would be a bonus, as would any CAD skills (eg. AutoCAD, Rhino3D, Cinema4d).

The initial project is to develop the interactive control system for a RGB chandelier controlled via RFID antennas. The position would be initially for the duration of this project, but could extend to other design projects and installations.

For more information, please have a look at our website, www.jasonbruges.com , and if you have any questions or are interested then please email me at Dominic AT jasonbruges.com

Thank you,