Exhibitions, museums, festivals in Germany?


I’m planing to visit various cities in Germany in July by train and would like to know if you have tips for cool vvvv-related places? Or more generally put inspiring places involving new media, art, interactivity, video etc.? Exhibitions, art festivals, installations, mappings?

The ZKM in Karlsruhe and “Sinneslandschaften” in Leipzig are already on my list, but I would like to add some things more to maybe have a small “Bildungsreise” (educational trip) ;-)

Thanks in advance!


Keep an eye on the news section here for any workshops or any interesting events in July. Ofcourse you may visit VVVV and Meso. I think it’s best to give a shout once u reach Germany, You probably get some invitation.

Thanks, urbankind! Actually, I’m already in Germany and living here (sorry if I sounded like I was visiting Germany from abroad), so the plan was to hang around in inspiring exhibitions and museums if the weather is bad.

kataholzic and suicide circus was funniest places i get when i asked like that

Thanks, antokhio!

feel welcome to check by for a cup of (ice) tea and some patching if you’re in the bodensee area. no big places here, but a cinema to hang around.

Thanks a lot, tekcor - that sounds great! don’t know, if and when I’ll be in the bodensee area, but I’ll give you a shout as soon as I’ll know!


Sorry, it didn’t work out that I would come near the Bodensee area, and the month of free rides with deutsche bahn is already over :-(

Thanks a lot anyways!