Exeption when trying to deserialize Spread<T> on Create

hello all,

on 2021.4.9, was trying to de-serialize some XML file containing a serialized Spread<T> (where T is just a record with a bunch of primitives, no custom type), and got this exception :

Error: Expression of type 'System.Object' cannot be used for parameter of type 'System.String' of method 'System.String DeserializeWithContext[String](VL.Core.NodeContext, System.String, Boolean)'

what worries me a bit is that this behavior was gone once I restarted gamma, though I did not touch anything in the patch.

I used the default Serialize/Deserialize nodes (no custom ones registered)

can’t share a repro patch here, but tried to re-do the same thing in an isolated document, but could not repro.

this happened right after I created the record, maybe should have triggered a Recompile or something to avoid that issue?


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