Execute file out of vvvv (no exe)

Hi folks

i need to run a .vbs script out of vvvv, using the “executer”
doesnt seem to work.


Hey there,

Could you share what you’ve tried so far?


edit: maybe this will help.


i attached a test patch,
you need to adjust the paths. the FreeVK.exe works but the Top.vbs script doesnt.
Its a script that moves a given window on top af all windows.
so you need to go into the script and adjust it to an existing window
that is already open. In my case, its “Google Earth Pro”

My goal is just to keep the google earth window on top,
couldnt find a way to
do this in vvvv.

execute_test.zip (246.8 KB)

Should be doable with pinvoke SetWindowPos for example. Check out either the “official” PInvoke.User32 or Vanara.PInvoke.User32.


didnt know that, i found an old threat about focuses windows and there i could find help


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