Exchanging data with puredata

Hello everyone. I heard vvvv can interact with puredata, but is it possible to exchange a 3d scene or a video with this system (OSC)?
If not, is there any way to make it happen?

up. anything new?

take a look at sharedMem … that could work at least for textures (that can contain a rendered 3d scene ^^)

sebl, how do I do that?

up, still open question

Have you looked at the help patch for SharedMem? Best place to start and then easier to for people to help you if you have a specific problem.

Well, I didn’t install neither vvvv nor puredata yet, I’m just asking in theory what can I do.
So there is a patch called sharedmem, but if is it based on sharedmemory node (which is directshow) I can’t see how to use it with puredata, which is opengl…


Well, in theory you can do what you want.
And yes, you are more experienced than you wanna appear to be, imho.

This seems an interesting question at this point…

Interesting website, by the way I just look in the documentation for sharedmem in the node reference on the website.
Is there any tutorial on using sharedmem with puredata or another solution?

with shared mem you can exchange data in the RAM between applications, what you put in there is up to you, it could be pixels.
but it might be more helpful to know what you want to do instead of talking about a specific technique.

Well, what I want to do is to send visuals to puredata to keep audio and video in synch.
Or, sending audio to vvvv, controlling it from vvvv, from puredata.

why not keep the audio in puredata(which has superior audio features) and control your vvvv visuals from puredata via osc?