Exception opening NDI Overview patch on 4.11 RC3

Hey there,

When opening VL.IO.NDI 0.4.1-alpha with 4.11 RC3 (preview-1277 333deca562), I’m getting this exception just after opening the Overview NDI help patch :

        SerializationException: "Couldn't find a suitable serializer for System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[System.String]"
                VL.Core.SerializationContext { public void ReportError(string message) { ... } } 
                VL.Core.Serialization { public static object Deserialize(VL.Core.SerializationContext context, object content, string name, System.Type staticType) { ... } } 
                VL.Core.SerializationContext { private static object Deserialize(VL.Core.NodeContext nodeContext, object content, System.Type type, bool throwOnError, System.Collections.Generic.IReadOnlyList<>& errorMessages) { ... } } 

AggregateException: "One or more errors occurred."
    InnerExceptions: "1"
        VL.Lang.Platforms.RuntimeHost { private void HandleException() { ... } } 
        VL.Lang.Platforms.RuntimeHost { private void SharedStep() { ... } } 

Full exception is visible here.

Also seen that quite some time since upgrading a project on 4.11 with different types in the Couldn't find a suitable serializer for System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable1[System.String]` thing. Here it’s string, but also saw float.

Thanks in advance!


This is fixed in the latest preview.