Excel chart as graph in vvvv

hi folks,
if have an excel chart (excel tabelle) and i would like to display the content of the chart as a graph in vvvv.
is there a way to read in a file format from excel and to display that as graph?
cheers jannis

.CSV export should be the easiest way to go. parse with regExp.

XLS would be much more complicated. How about writig a module to read ODX files (open document) which are supposedly supported both by the new MSOffice and the new standard for OpenOffice, too.

Also, MSO and OOO are controllable via DDE . I bet there must be a way to make these calls from vvvv - then you could actually edit an open document - while the user edits and browses it.

Oh, or how about a .net node?

Hi there…

.CSV export should be the easiest way to go. parse with regExp.
Nope, not anymore. Since Beta 9 there is a node “Separate(String)” which explodes a given string at specific Separator and returns a spread of your items.

So, export your Excel File as a CSV and parse it with Separate (String). See the Help-Patch, it does exactly what you need to know.

cheers david

Hehe, was playing with this, and found that vvvv only accpeted my .CSV file when I renamed it to a .txt file. No big problem offcours, glad I can do this now.

the Reader should deal with all kind of extensions - but it defaults to showing just the .txt files in the open dialog.

also: one annoying buglet worth knowing:
The Reader will not open your file, as long as its open in Excel.

Ahh… yes, you are right, closed Exel and it works, now.

Beeeing very happy with the NewLineAutoDetection!! :)