Ex9 renderer selected object

hi, anyone please tell me how to do…

if i am using ex9 renderer, and put some objects inside, is it possible to control object using mouse, for example changing position one of the object follow the mouse when get selected using mouse?

so when i left click and hold the object, it can move follow the motion of mouse

well the renderer outputs the coordinates of the mouse- if you use for example button(quad ex9), which tells you if “mouse over” (your object) is true, you can change the objects position to the new mouse position when left click AND mouse over are true, using the S+H node…use a damper or oscillator after the s+h node to make it look cool ;)

there is also a Drag (3D Vector) module that does exactly that. it was done by @zepi and you can find it on the User Modules page.

Hi again, actually i want to do more than that. i want to something like drag and drop (using mouse click and hold then drag object and drop it at other position), is it possible for 3D direction?

hi fendi!
please also give the pointeditor module a try, which is included in each release.
it manages to move points around in space, not arbitrary objects like you want. however you could attach objects at the edited positions afterwards…

edit: zepis very fine module seems to be much more what you are looking for… might also be interesting to replace the Button (Quad) with a Button (Mesh) and of course also render those meshes…