EX9 Renderer problem on external projector

I’ve been messing with VVVV for a bit, slowly getting there. Very slowly!
I have been having issues with the EX9 Renderer constantly.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Had it working yesterday through an external projector (second monitor).
Sometimes I would have to set that as a my primary monitor, that usually worked. Now it doesn’t.
The renderer reacts when I have it on my laptop screen, but freezes when I move it to the external, and just goes black when it is fullscreened.
Any ideas? am I doing something very simple and obviously wrong?

are you having more than one renderer that render the contentor part of the content on the renderer you drag to the second monitor?

if so, try moving all renderers to the second screen, save the patch and close vvvv, then open the patch again.

some times vvvv gets confused if you move from one screen or device, as vvvv sees differen outputs as, to the next.

Another possibility is that you are changing the property of your displays (ie: changing resolution or plugging/unplugging projectors, etc.) while vvvv is running. Always restart vvvv when you chnge something.

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Thanks for the quick replies. I will give both of those a go now.

No problems since. Thanks guys!