Ex9 renderer gone nuts


i’ve got two ex9 renderers showing the same content - one is for me, one for the audience. this works fine untill i set one of them to full screen. then this nonsense happens to the one that isn’t full screen. (see attached image)

is this a bug?

nonsense.bmp (397.9 kB)


this is a known directX bug. you’ll have to work in span mode. or switch to beta 8.1. with that version it was still possible




um… i know i’m a thickie and that but i don’t know what span mode is. and it seems to be such a simple question that i can’t find it’s answer.


are you playing video via videotexture in the renderer? then i’d say it is a known bug. all other geometry and textures should work well one fullscreen and the other windowed on the other display. a videotexture can only be visible on one display at a time.

apart from that. span mode is a driver mode. you can always chose between having two independet display resolutions (dualview) or one big desktop (span mode).

depending on your graphiccard (nvidia or ati) you’ll have two different ways to select spanmode. which do you have?

i am playing via videotexture.

i have an nvidia.

ok. then it is a known problem. as mentioned above videotextures can only always be visible on one “device”. usually every output of your graphiccard is one “device”. in span-mode though both your display outputs form one “device” together and a videotexture can be shown on on both outputs.

span-mode has other drawbacks though: you can only go fullscreen on both displays at the same time.

on nvidia drivers you can achieve span-mode via:
rightclick desktop > properties > settings
here make sure that “extend my desktop…” is not checked.


advanced. something pops out to the left and there…i don’t remember exactly…something with display settings where you can select between “single”, “horizontal span”, “vertical span”, “dualview”.

that should be it.

i can’t actually find this mode :(

just clone and dual

anybody with an nvidia card help poor vincent? if those drivers wouldn’t change every day we could make a screenshot documentation for this topic since it is rather basic and often causes confusion. still anybody?

i never had any problems setting a nvidia card to span mode - and i already had to do with many different models.

What card and what driver version are you using ?

In attached JPEG you can see how the menu for setting the card to span mode should look !?


nvidia.jpg (126.9 kB)