EX9 layer to Texture?

Hey all!

Most (and probably all) of the effects require an EX9 Renderer at their output. Is there a way to switch this EX9 layer to a Texture? The only way I figured out so far is to go through a renderer and then a DX9 Texture, but the quality loss is quite disturbing.
Is there any other way I could do that?


The Renderer -> DX9Texture is the way to go.

For the Renderer: Set the Backbuffer width and height to your final resolution, and quality will remain.

Check the ‘hidden’ pins off the DX9texture (with Herr Inspector) and you can even manage to squeeze out Alpha info.

It is all about settings ;)

hi there

i don’t know of any other way, but: the quality loss is not necessary! if you inspect the EX9 Renderer node (Ctrl-I), you can see that the Backbuffer Width & Height are set to 0 by default - meaning that the backbuffer size is equal to the window size of the renderer. you can put any other values here to retain image quality.

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after a few colorful bugs, i think i found my way out!
thanks West and diki ;)