EX9 geometry and Texture "mapping"

The attached patch shows an issue I keep hitting when mapping a filetexture onto EX9 geometry - there seems to be a “joint” in the geometry that interrupts the texture mapping smoothness. You can navigate to the “backside” of the torus and see this effect most clearly. Increasing the X/Y resolution helps a bit, but still never gets rid of the joint or seam. I see this on both the sphere and the torus models thus far. Any ideas? The texture in this sample is 256x256 jpeg, but seems to behave the same way with PNG and other dimensions.

texturemapjoint.zip (58.6 kB)

By having a look at the end of the shader inside the technique part you’ll see this :
//Wrap0 = U; // useful when mesh is round like a sphere
Which is disabled by default. So, just remove the first // and everything should be fine then…

Very good - thanks much. That seems to do the trick, when combined with a high enough resolution.

I suppose I could assign a pin on the effect to that value - correct?

you could also use a DrawFixed (EX9.Effect) instead and connect an Address (EX9.Samplerstate) with ‘Cycle U’ turned on to the ‘Sampler State’ pin.

why is that pin missing from the Constant (EX9.Effect), btw?