Event change

Can I do multi things in a same patch?
doing something and then some later doing something and then doing something etc. using the same video output.

In the Max, it’s easy to change but don’t know in vvvv.

Yes, of course.
You are probably looking for Timeliner, a very nice piece of code.
Anyway it all depends on what you’re trying to do: there are some nodes like LFO (Animation) or Integrate (Differential) that can count time for you, doing the same task of a really simple timeline.
If you explain with a few words what you have in mind, probably we could help in a better way.

Thank you always h99!
What I want to do is This:
For a live performance with an instrument, I want to make something in the first part of the piece and then change to a different video and then to different video etc.

More, I want to change those event manually by keyboard or mdid controller if possible.

I had some fun doing this.
Hope it helps.
Notice that this is just a way, NOT THE way.

for_gregorik.v4p (28.7 kB)

Thank you so much h99!

It’s very helpful and now I can develop more myself
based on the patch you made!

I’d appreciate for that!