Evaluate VLC Filestream?

Hi, when disabling “Evaluate” on a Subpatch that includes VLC Filestream nodes, Filestream is still active (and needs a lot of resources in my case).

Is there a way to disable all elements (including Filestream) of a subpatch?

When trying different workarounds, a more fundamental problem showed up: VLC player is crashing after a random amount of cycles in which the file directory and the amount of files (a spread of videos and jpg’s) is being changed. I have found some other posts that are describing similar problems, but it seems that no solution has been found so far. Any idea?

i also had problems with vlc. that’s why i never really used it for my work.
only the normal filestream1 and 2 but with a good codec pack installed on the computer.
and for images switch to a texture quad.