Evaluate cache region when the patch inside of it changes

Recently I had a case in which I needed to patch inside a Cache region, because of some heavy calculations. During patching / prototyping phase I thought it would be nice to enable a mode in which the cache region retriggers everytime something inside of it changes - probably only when nodes and links are created or deleted, and when values in IOBoxes change, but not when something is moved inside of it.

Of course I could trigger “Force” anytime I want to, or pipe the value out via a BCP, but being able to get rid of that overhead in phases when you are exploring and trying out stuff could speed up development in Cache regions quite nicely…


@chk hey, nice one

I had recently thought that it would be great to have ‘fast config’ for some regions right in the region’s UI.

This zone can easily be used for quick configuration with a single click (update for example):


and actually, this brings up the idea that it might be worth considering a developer mode like you described, but a bit more generalised. There are other places where you might want to use such a mode and not have to think about it when exporting an application.

But I think what you’re asking is difficult or impossible. The design of this region is such that it computes its contents when the BCP changes or when a force input is triggered. I don’t see how it is possible to change the design of the region concept to implement this behaviour. Let the developers correct me if I am wrong. A more general way of looking at it is this: you can write such a region like a cache yourself, but imagine that this behaviour is somehow implemented by the environment.


As much as I like the proposed feature, I just figured out that an LFO triggering the Force input once a second works also just fine…