Europe trip

Hello people,

As I said in an old post (forum/knowledge-sharing-in-exchange-of-hospitality), I was planning a trip across Europe to visit some places and meet some people.
Due to some projects I couldn’t find time for this trip until now.
Now’s the time.
I’ll be travelling all october up to mid november.
Starting from Milan, I’ll pass by these cities:

  • Trieste
  • Ljubljana
  • Budapest
  • Bratislava
  • Prague
  • Warsaw
  • Copenhagen
  • Amsterdam

I’ll travel by train, hitchhiking and whatever I can find.

If you live in one of the cities I mentioned or even in some minor localities between them, and if you’re keen to catch-up and eventually help me in finding a modest accomodation (like a couch) it would be looooovely! :)

Also, if you have suggestions about nice places to visit (obviously not far away from the original path), please feel free to comment ;)

skype me if you interested so we can speak about it (skype contact: natan.sinigaglia).
or even by email:

I hope to see some of you vvvvolks!!!



damn i’ve just moved to london from budapest, i will go back on 4th and 5th of october probably, where will you be then?

Warsaw is waiting!

hey Dottore, wanna stop in prague for some days? There is a BYOB going on 18.10, and it’s in same days as SIGNAL festival

we offer free hostel for all the participants, and I guess there is a couple of VVVVers already in. have a look


thanks guys for the replies! :)

@microdee: unfortunally I think I’ll be still far away from budapest in those days.
In theory I could be in budapest after the 10th october…

@rogalag: super thanks, I can’t wait to visit your city ;)

@Luper: I’ll definitively stop in Prague for some days but I’m not sure yet when I’ll arrive. If you give me your contact (email/phone, send it over skype if you prefer) I’ll keep you updated about my trip schedule. I’ll be travelling without my computer (and any kind of projector :) ), so it will be impossible for me to show some realtime stuff at BYOB… but let’s catch up anyway so you can show me your beautiful city, and, if you can, suggest an accommodation for the nights :)

thanks again and hope to see you soon wherever you guys are :)